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About Us

Q: What is the material of your dolls?

A:It is used non-toxic polymer TPE material. Using a food-grade safety material.No harm to the human body.

Q: Are your dolls made of silicone?

A: No,our material is similar to silica gel, but is more flexible than silicone and more resistant to tear and more elastic

Q: How to clean &maintain the doll?What is the temperature it can stand?

A: It is recommended to wash with clean water below 40 degrees,after cleaning,put the baby powder on it.It would be better to dry the head gently with a wet towel to extend the makeup life,using the water to clean the vagina directly.you also can use neutral bath lotion.but please do not use alcohol or other irritating liquids to clean.it would be better to clean it about 10 days,to ensure the skin, touch feel and life span.

Q: Can I dress my doll in any typ of clothing?

A: Yes, you can dress your doll in anything you like but we recommend avoiding thick and dark clothing such as denim jeans or corsets. Tight or heavy clothing can leave an impression in the silicone which will become permanent after a while (10 days or more).

Q: What is the best way to store my doll?

A: For best maintenance of your doll, it should preferably be stored hanging in a neutral position,with legs slightly spread.or Lying flat.Do not put heavy object on it.To avoid sunshine,the ideal temperature is 3~35 degree.